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The Hot in Cold Blood




Fanfiction | Series


"I DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT THAT. IM CRAZY ABOUT YOU"-Park Jimin. You hurt me more than what I deserve because I loved you more than what you deserve. "PLEASE, LET ME WITH MY OWN WORLD"-JUNG IN HA I hate you and then I love you. It's like I want to throw you off the cliff, then rush to the bottom to catch you. "But, Love is a cycle... When you LOVE you get hurt. When you get HURT, you hate. When you HATE, you try to forget. WHen you try to FORGET, you start missing. and when you start MISSING.. you'll eventually FALL in love again." - Jung In Ha "She taught me how to LOVE but not how to stop"-Park Jimin. L O V E : L : Lake of Sorrow O : Ocean of tears V : Valley of Death E : End of Life So, Don't Do It! That is my motto of relationship and interests of something. I know the quotes of Love is like a Heaven but... It can hurt like Hell. It is because of my experiences in past, I thought. I really don't interested in interests of someone or even an idol! That's impossible. But, I'm stuck in it. JUNG IN HA PARK JIMIN Love doesn't hurt. Loving the wrong person does. If you are giving ALL and it's not ENOUGH, you're probably giving it to the wrong person. YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG PERSON TO LOVE THA"S WHY YOU HURT YOURSELF IN PAST. View More...

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