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Marked by the shadows

Ñíçc Käýlà



Fantasy | Series


Copyright © 2017 by N.I. Forrester ?Nothing is never what it seems? What happens when your best friend becomes your greatest enemy? Astoria was an outgoing and an ecstatic person but under her whole façade she's broken like everyone else with a big secret to hide. Alina, the village King's daughter and total opposite of Astoria, when fate put their friendship to the test to see the loyalty between the two. What happens when Alina found out the secret and told her father, knowing of the result of putting Astoria and her mother's life in great danger...? ?You were never my best friend? Alina smirked, ?I couldn't be friends with something.... Something as low-class as yourself? After the escapade and 10 years later Astoria still holds the grudge about her ex best friend and her father's betrayal and now seeking revenge but first she has to unlock the truth to the secret and fulfilling her mother's destiny...Join Astoria's journey half way across the world and her unusual acquaintanceship with a group of guys. (I do not own the picture on the cover) Cover photographer by moonchild ljilja View More...

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